Wahnsinn! すげ~!Insane! Whiteboard!

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Die letzten Tage waren schlicht der Hammer! Vielen lieben Dank an all die neuen Däumchen, Likes, Follows, Kommentare und Nachrichten, die Ihr über Pfingsten dagelassen habt. Das Whiteboard Video von Ninotaku wurde nun schon über 43.000(!) mal angesehen! Und die überwältigende Mehrheit findet den Song auch noch bombig! Was gibt es denn schöneres für eine Band, als das Gefühlt mit ihrer Musik Menschen erreicht zu haben?

Dieses Mega-Ereignis ist hauptsächlich der tollen Ninotaku TV Community zu verdanken. Wir sind sprachlos, ob der vielen positiven Reaktionen. Hoffentlich bleibt Ihr uns auch über Whiteboard hinaus treu, denn wir werkeln gerade an unserer neuen EP. Wäre fantastisch, wenn die ebenfalls auf offene Ohren stoßen würde!

Vielen Dank an Euch alle, wir lieben Euch!!
信じられない週末だったッ!!山ほど沢山の新しい「いいね」、フォッロー、コメント、メッセージ、本当にありがとうございます!!Ninotaku TV にアップロードしてくれた「Whiteboard」動画は既に 43.000(!) 回に見られたッ!!で、見た人の多数は「Whiteboard」が気に入っている!バンドとして、それは最高の気持ちだよ。ホンマに。

それは、完全に Ninotaku TV のコミュニティのおかげで!こんなにすごいフィードバックを絶対に期待してなかった。Whiteboard だけじゃなくて、今後に発表予定の新しい EP も気に入れてくれれば、嬉しくと思う。

The last few days have been a rollercoaster ride for us. A rollercoaster of happiness!! Thank you all so much for the tons of new likes, follows, comments and messages you sent us over the weekend. The Whiteboard video on Ninotaku TV already gathered over 43k views! And the majority of viewers really digs the song! There is nothing greater for a band than to know that their music means something to others, too.

This is all thanks to the unbelievable Ninotaku TV community. We’re speechless in light of all the positive reactions we received. We hope we will still be of interest after the Whiteboard wave comes to a hold, as we are working on our new EP. Hopefully you will dig our new songs, too!

Many thanks to all of you, we love you!

メリークリスマス!Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas, everyone!

2014 is coming to an end and it was a good year. We had tons of fun sharing the stage with bands like The Algorithm, Cyclamen and Hone Your Sense, we were rocking at the Metal Battle Japan 2014 and even printed our very own T-shirts (get it here). The only thing that didn’t go as planned is our EP. We wanted to release it this year, but one thing led to another and we are way behind our schedule. Let’s hope we get it together soon, because I personally can’t wait to get the new songs out there.

This year, Yoshi left P6 in order to pursue his endeavors with Anova. His spot is now filled by Nico, who switched from bass to guitar, freeing up the bass which is now handled by Marucos. He was formerly providing the low end for our friends of Mysterious Priestess.

Last but not least, our Friend Nino from Ninotaku TV visited Japan and modeled for our shirts! Don’t these shots look great? Check them out below. And while you’re at it, check out the pics from our show at Mudmax 2 festival here.


Next year will start with a show at one of the Tokyo Gaijin Bands events. Come and see us for only 800¥, as long as you log yourself as “Going” in the Facebook event:

Merry Christmas, rock on and see you next year!

お待たせた! All Systems GO!


It’s been a while again and the summer vacation was longer than we expected. That’s what happens if you have jobs and other stuff going on besides this lovely band.

Initially we wanted to release an EP in 2014, but we did not quite make the schedule. We are still writing and refining the songs for the EP, but we hope that we will get it recorded early next year. We came together this weekend for the first full band rehearsal in a long time to get ready for the next 2 upcoming shows: Mud Max 2 on December 12th and the No Borders event on January 24th. Just look at the amazing line up for Mud Max 2!



We hope we will be able to perform a new song on that show. We are really excited about what the future holds for us and we hope that you will be with us on this journey!

Summer holidays!

Sun, beaches, BBQ… Summer is the time for all the good things!

I will be in Germany next week to attend the Gamescom in Cologne but that doesn’t mean we’re doing nothing! As we want to release an EP this year to properly introduce our new man on the bass, Yusuke (some of you might know him as マルコス), we will revisit the stuff we have written since our album. Hopefully we can filter out the bad stuff and come up with some new ideas during the summertime!

To close this rather short update with an awesome note: At our last show we had a nice surprise by a special fan of ours! We came to see the very first Polarity Six handmade ear rings! Should we go into mass production with these?

お疲れ様!We did it!

(English below)


8月3日、再び新宿の Merry-Go-Round のライブやるから、暇があれば、是非遊んできてくださいね!


So we finally managed to put some content on this page! It will get more over time, but for now this is all we got. Feel free to browse through the menu and spread the word!

We also got another show scheduled for August 3rd at the awesome Merry-Go-Round. Feel free to swing by and get your socks rocked off, if you have time!


Finally, our own webspace

We finally did it! We have our own domain and website and are no longer (completely) dependent on facebook’s money-grabbing scheme!

We are just beginning to sort things out, but we want to have all info, media and show dates up here. Hopefully, we’ll manage to do so, haha!