Biography (English)

It was a cold Saturday evening in 2009, when Nicolas and Jan met for the first time and decided to join forces to form a band they’d like to see performing in Tokyo’s live houses themselves.
This is how we were born. We are Polarity Six – an international metal band from Tokyo, Japan!

After 4 years of looking for the right companions, we finally have been completed by Shingo, Yoshi and Yushi in 2013, after having released our 3 track demo “Far Away” with a slightly different line-up in May 2012. With our international line-up we do not only defy cultural and regional boundaries, but also incorporate a variety of different metal genres in our sound, which gives our music a distinct flavor and sets us apart from other bands in Tokyo’s underground. Our songs and performance made us being recognized as a unique and powerful force in Tokyo’s live houses by everyone who saw our shows. If a name is needed to describe our sound, we would choose modern metal, as we put a lot of emphasis on groove and melody without holding back on aggression.

We released our debut album “Solarians” in October 2013, which we recorded and produced ourselves. The songs have been written over the course of 4 years and represent a selection of the best songs we wrote. The title refers to an extraterrestrial race called Solarians – a highly developed race that at one point started exploring the universe beyond their galaxy. On one of these missions they discover Earth and humans. However, before making first contact they observed and studied earth from afar. Seeing the true nature of mankind, the Solarians decide to leave earth alone and isolate it from the rest of the universe, so that humans will never be a danger to another race. The songs “Trance Mission”, “Solarians” and “Three Inch Giant” tell the story of the Solarians, while the remaining songs are not directly connected to the story.

We continue to play ever growing shows to promote our album in the Tokyo
area and were able to land gigs with bands like “The Algorithm”, “Cyclamen” and “Mysterious Priestess”. In January 2014, our song “Whiteboard” became the offical opening theme for the German web show “Ninotaku TV” and has been featured in a trailer for the online RPG “Aurora Kingdom”. We also made it to the final round of this year’s Metal Battle Japan and hope to release an EP with some new material we are already working on later this year.