The Story behind “Solarians”

The Solarians. A highly developed civilization from the Solarian Galaxy.
Some years ago, the Solarian Council decided to launch an exploration vessel for a long-term search for new life outside of the Solarian Galaxy.


One day, the solarian exploration crew found a planet inhabited with life.
The life form was similar to the Solarians. Everyone on board was overwhelmed with joy and eager to make first contact, but the Solarian Treaty demanded that meticulous observations had to be done before establishing first contact.

During their detailed observations, the Solarians learned that the planet was called “Earth” and its inhabitants referred to themselves as “Humans”. At First sight they appeared as a peace loving species. The Solarians, however, quickly learned about the frightening true nature of the Humans.
The Humans were an extraordinarily aggressive and greedy species with their rulers clinging to power. Without any mutual respect, those with power misused it for their own good. Even the most trivial reason was sufficient enough to start wars on Earth. Be it religious views, ethical views, philosophy of life.

The way the Humans treated all forms of life and their surroundings was also alarming.
To the Humans, these were mere resources, rather than animate beings. The Humans exploited all their resources and conclusively started wars over the remaining few.

As these reports were handed to the Solarian Council, it was decided that the Humans pose a threat to the remaining world and Earth had to be sealed off. After the solarian vessel installed a satellite shield, which should preven the Humans of discovering any form of extraterrestrial life for all eternity, the solarian vessel continued their voyage.

Although the Humans had no idea of the solarian visitors, there were many amongst them who believed in extraterrestrial life. Despite not being taken seriously at all, a few courageous ones devoted their life to the search for extraterrestrial life. Due to the solarian shield barrier, however, they never succeeded in finding any proof of their lifelong dream.