Polarity Six has released the following music. All music can be downloaded for free at or under the Merch tab on this page. However, you are always welcome to show your appreciation by donating, buying merch or coming to our shows.


Solarians (2013) – self released

Solarians CoverTracklist
01. Trance Mission
02. Solarians
03. Optocriminal
04. Running (A Futile Escape)
05. Far Away
06. Whiteboard
07. Three Inch Giant
08. Monument
09. Suicide Eve
10. Rising
11. Coward

Available as download and physical copy at bandcamp. Physical CDs can also be purchased at our shows for a discounted price!


Far Away (Demo EP, 2011) – self released

Far Away EP DemoTracklist
01. Far Away
02. Running
03. Rising


Available as download at bandcamp. Physical CDs were given away for free at our early shows, but we’re out of stock now.